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Facts about Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis is located in Île-de-France Saint-Denis Administration Country France Region Île-de-France Department Seine-Saint-Denis Arrondissement Saint-Denis Intercommunality
Abbey of Saint-Denis, Saint Denis Basilica Feast October 9 Attributes carrying his severed head in his hands; a bishop's mitre; city; furnace Patronage France; Paris; against frenzy, strife, headaches, hydrophobia, possessed people, rabies
* Saint-Denis, a town in the Seine-Saint-Denis département, home of Saint Denis Basilica * The Basilica of St Denis * Seine-Saint-Denis, a département of France * Clos Saint Denis, grand cru vineyard in the Côte de Nuits
Areopagitica written in 836 by Hilduin, Abbot of Saint-Denis, at the request of Louis the Pious. "Hilduin was anxious to promote the dignity of his church, and it is to him that that the quite unfounded identification of the patron saint with Dionysius the Areopagite and his consequent connexion with the apostolic age are due.
"Areopagitica" written in 836 by Hilduin, Abbot of Saint-Denis, at the request of Louis the Pious, that this serious error took deep root. The investigations of Launoy first threw doubt on the story and the Bollandist de Bye entirely rejected it. Hilduin was probably deceived by the same apocryphal Latin and Greek fictions.
basilica of Saint-Denis was the burial place of St Denis (Dionysius), the patron saint of France, and the French kings. Here the royal insignia and banner, the oriflamme, were preserved and the royal chronicles were kept. Several abbots of Saint-Denis acted as Regents of the kingdom.
Abbey Church of Saint-Denis also continued as a protectorate of the monarchy and as the burial site of French kings spanning from the Merovingian era (AD 447-751;) to the later Bourbon dynasty (1589-1789 and 1814-1830).
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* Basilique de Saint-Denis (Paris Metro) (1 F) C * Christofle factory, Saint-Denis (16 F) F * Forts in Saint-Denis (Seine) (5 F) G * Gare
Saint-Denis is the capital of Reunion (French) The native name of Reunion (French) is Ile de la Reunion Current Time woensdag, 9 juni 2010, 21:31:53 Show clock in pop-up window or full-screen window Free Saint-Denis clock for your website UTC/GMT Offset
* Buildings in Saint-Denis, Réunion (7 C, 17 F) J * Jardin de l'État (1 C, 1 P, 12 F) L * La Grande Chaloupe (6 F) M
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