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The Angel Moroni (pronounced /mɒˈroʊnaɪ/) is an angel that Joseph Smith, Jr. said visited him on numerous occasions, beginning on September 21, 1823.
* Moroni, Comoros, capital of the Comoros on the Grande Comore island.
Moroni is the largest city, main port, and administrative center of the islands. Manufactures include beverages, wood and metal products, cement, soap, plastic products, and lumber. Exports include vanilla, coffee, and cacao. It is the site of Iconi Airport and the Palais du Peuple cultural center.
Moroni's Visitation = * What most LDS have been taught in church and believe as truth. * Significant details & problems that most LDS are not aware of. * Responses to these issues by the LDS Church.
Moroni, son of Mormon, was the last Nephite to have the golden plates that would centuries later become The Book of Mormon. Moroni is first mentioned in The Book of Mormon in the first verse of "Words of Mormon". In 385 A.D.
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Moroni, as a mortal man, was the last author of the Book of Mormon, burying the metal plates upon which it was recorded, some 421 years after the birth of Christ.
Moroni is a city in Sanpete County, Utah, United States. The population was 1,280 at the 2000 census.
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Angel Moroni - that resulted in the publication of the Book of Mormon and the creation of the Mormon religion.
Moroni and the Book of Mormon Promise = * Next > * < Previous * Print “Lesson 44: Moroni and the Book of Mormon Promise,” Primary 4: Book of Mormon, (1997),156
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Why Mormon's wife and Moroni's mother was probably a Lamanite woman, from the People of Ammon? * Why Mormon was likely born outside the political boundaries of the Nephite nation? *
Moroni, Son of Moroni = by Doni Peterson Moroni 2 is the last prophet and author of the last book in the Book of Mormon. His life spanned the latter part of the fourth century and the early fifth century.
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