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Facts about La Paz

La Paz is a magical city located on the bay of the same name, on the southeastern part of the Baja California Sur Peninsula. California has been inhabited by man for about 12,000 years. The first inhabitants were nomadic villagers that lived from hunting, fishing, and picking of roots and seeds.
La Paz is located in Bolivia La Paz Location of La Paz within La Paz Department Coordinates: 16°30′S 68°09′W / 16.5°S 68.15°W / -16.5; -68.
La Paz is located in Baja California Sur La Paz Location of La Paz in Baja California Sur Coordinates: 24°08′26″N 110°18′44″W / 24.1405°N 110.3123°W / 24.1405; -110.3123Coordinates: 24°08′26″N 110°18′44″W / 24.1405°N 110.3123°W / 24.1405; -110.
above La Paz in a private gated community where you will enjoy great ocean views, splendid sunsets, cozy rooms, and great hospitality. Our goal is to make your stay in La Paz a memorable one.
La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, while Sucre is the constitutional capital and the seat of the Supreme Court. La Paz was established in 1548, and is in the Andes.
Dictionary: La Paz (lə päz', lä päs') pronunciation Home > Library > Travel > Dictionary - Places The administrative capital of Bolivia, in the western part of the country near Lake Titicaca.
LA PAZ (GPS coordinates 24'16 N ~ 110'31 W) is the capital of Baja California Sur and the largest city in southern Baja (although the Los Cabos Corridor is trying hard to catch up). It is located on a large, natural bay and some of Baja's most beautiful islands are just a short distance offshore.
La Paz - City Information - Find Hotel reservations, tours, offers, attractions in La Paz, Bolivia! La Paz, the seat of government in Bolivia, is the highest capital city in the world. La Paz is the legislative capital of Bolivia.
nearby La Paz that offers an authentic provincial Mexican town experience. Located on a large bay on the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California), La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur, a large peninsula some 900 miles south of the U.S. border.
This La Paz hotel is close to Plaza Monolito Bennett and Hernando Siles Stadium . Also nearby are Cathedral and Plaza Murillo . Features. Radisson Plaza ...
Welcome to La Paz, one of Baja Mexico’s premier destinations, possessing boundless natural resources and endless activities. The Capital of Baja California Sur with over 200,000 people, La Paz retains an authentic, small town ambiance.
La Paz is dizzying in every respect, not only for its well-publicized altitude (3660m), but for its quirky beauty. Most travelers enter this extraordinary city via the flat sparse plains of the sprawling city of El Alto, an approach that hides the sensational surprises of the valley below.
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La Paz, the heavenly capital of the state of Baja California Sur, lies in northwest Mexico. It is one of the main cities of the southeastern Baja California Peninsula region and is located 220 km (136 mi) north of Los Cabos and 1464 km (907 mi) south of Tijuana.
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Welcome to the city of La Paz Mexico, the only official site in La Paz; let us show you all the wonders that we have for you in our famously named pearl of Mexico, and the capital of the State of Baja California Sur.