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From upper left: Jerusalem skyline viewed from Givat ha'Arba, Mamilla, the Old City and the Dome of the Rock, a souq in the Old City, the Knesset building, the Western Wall, the Tower of David and the Old City walls Flag Coat of arms Jerusalem
Jerusalem (Hebrew: ירושלים Yerushalayim, Arabic: القدسal-Quds) is a holy city to three religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), whilst being the modern capital of the State of Israel and the country`s largest city.
Today Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the home of its legislature, the Kenesset, although that designation is disputed in international circles.
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Jerusalemedit this page = From Christianity Knowledge Base Church of the Holy Sepulchre Anastasis Jerusalem, also known as Salem or Zion, is the Jewish holy city and the third holiest city in Islam.
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Jerusalem—An Introduction - By Mitchell Bard - Ever since King David made Jerusalem the capital of Israel 3,000 years ago, the city has played a central role in Jewish existence.
Jerusalem, with about 300,000 is internationally recognized as Palestinian territory, but remains under Israeli rule, and will apparently stay this way in the foreseeable future. Jerusalem lies about 55 km to the east of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and 25 km from the Dead Sea.
* We often hear that a mosque in Jerusalem is Islam's third holiest place.
Jerusalem plays a central role in the spiritual and emotional perspective of the three major monotheistic religions.
with the royal domain of Jerusalem, constituted the great fiefs of the kingdom. Jerusalem itself contained the counties of Jaffa and Ashqelon, the lordships of Krak, Montreal, and Sidon, and the principality of Galilee.
Jerusalem through this gate. To prevent him from coming, the Muslims sealed the gate during the rule of Suleiman. You may notice the original gates are angled so that you can't enter directly into the city without making a sharp 90-degree angle turn.
Jerusalem - Definition = For other uses, see Jerusalem (disambiguation). Jerusalem (Modern Hebrew: יְרוּשָׁלַיִם Yerushaláyim, Biblical and trad.
Jerusalem was founded as far back as the fourth millennium b.c. and was ruled by the Canaanites, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Crusaders, Turks, and British before being divided in 1949 into eastern and western sectors under Israeli and Jordanian control.
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Jerusalem (Hebrew: Yerushalayim ירושלים; Arabic: al-Quds) is one of the most disputed territories in the world. It is a key city in the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Rehoboam, Jerusalem became the capital of the kingdom of the two tribes. It was subsequently often taken and retaken by the Egyptians, the Assyrians, and by the kings of Israel (2 Kings 14:13, 14; 18:15, 16; 23:33-35; 24:14; 2 Chr.
JERUSALEM IN MAPS G. FUTURE PLANS H. BREAKING NEWS A. A TALE OF TWO VIEWPOINTS Perhaps the best place to start is the Jerusalem Municipality's own site, at: . Here you will find a welcome from Jerusalem's Mayor Ehud Olmert.