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Facts about Grytviken

Grytviken is sē formesta tunstede on Sūþgeorgie. Hit standeþ on Cyning Ēadweard Cofan in Cumbraland Byhte æt þære īege norþēasternum sǣrīman. Man hycgð ðe Grytviken is þære īege tilosta hæfen. Æt Grytvikne is brād wong for boldum and fersc wæter. Gēo wæs Grytviken hwælhuntoþ wic and Sūþgeorgie mǣsta tūn.
Grytviken (Swedish for "The Pot Cove") is the principal settlement in the British territory of South Georgia in the South Atlantic. It was so named by a 1902 Swedish surveyor who found old English try pots used to render seal oil at the site.
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Grytviken is the whaling station made famous by Shackleton's reunion with civilization on South Georgia after losing his ship, the Endurance, to Antarctic pack ice in 1915. Toast "Bring 'em Back Shack" at his gravesite in a small cemetery overlooking the bay.
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Grytviken means "Pot Bay" used in the 19th century as a place for boiling down Elephant seals for oil the plan where whales were carved up for boil down in 1904 converted for whale oil extraction
Grytviken Map — Satellite Images of Grytviken = original name: Grytviken geographical location: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, South America geographical coordinates: 54° 16' 36" South, 36° 30' 42" West Book your hotel in Grytviken » Best Price Guaranteed!No booking fees.
Grytviken, (Cauldron Bay) the oldest of the whaling stations, was founded by Captain Carl Anton Larsen in 1904. On arrival in the bay or viken, the whalers found some old tri-pots (gryte) that had been left by earlier sealers.
here it was a five-kilometre walk to Grytviken, site of South Georgia’s first and most famous whaling station in the island’s best-protected harbour, King Edward Cove. Expedition Director Lou Sanson had wanted to do this walk for ten years, but until today the conditions had never been right.
Gold Harbour | Grytviken | Prion Island | St. Andrews Bay Grytviken - King Penguines, Gentu Penguines, Fur Seals & Elephant Seals in Grytviken. WEBSITE: http://www.AspectusForma.
Grytviken still had the rusted whaling station buildings as well as ...
The Graveyardby MikeAtSeaAt times Grytviken was a very busy place, whalers, scientist, government officials and explorers all ventured into the far south of the Atlantic in pursuit of adventure, wealth or some even to flee from their homes.
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At midday, we repositioned the Clelia II to Grytviken, one of the busiest whaling stations in its heyday in the world. It was founded in 1902 and finally shut down in the 1960s.
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