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depopulation of Diego Garcia, forcing the deportation of all 2,000 inhabitants of the island, who were descendants of African slaves and Hindu labourers brought to the islands by the French in the 18th century, to the surrounding islands, including Mauritius, located 1,200 miles away.
Diego Garcia is at risk from tropical cyclones. The surrounding topography is low and does not provide an extensive wind break. Since the 1960s the island has not been seriously affected by a severe tropical cyclone, even though it has often been threatened.
Diego Garcia is a British territory mostly populated by the US military, the British colony that's been colonised by the Americans. Normally the island is home to about 1,700 military personnel and 1,500 civilian contractors. But only about 50 troops are British.
Leased from the British, Diego Garcia is principally occupied by U.S. military personnel and has been of great strategic interest for decades. The indigenous population was relocated and are currently fighting a court battle to return to the island chain.
Diego Garcia and looking for contributors. Ms. Melikian would appreciate hearing from anyone wishing to tell their story!Dear Mr. Villanueva, Thank you for your interesting and informative website about Diego Garcia.I am currently producing an independent documentaryabout Diego Garcia and the Chagossians.
* Ghosts of Diego Garcia! See the Ghost of the Point Marianne Cemetery! * updated 1 Feb 09! Golfing Diego Garcia - is it more than just a rumor? Also 2008's Pub Golf Championship Round recounted by a participant.
The Portuguese explored Diego Garcia in the 1500s (it is named for a Portuguese navigator). Between 1814 and 1965 it was a territory of Mauritius. It then became part of the Chagos Archipelago, which belonged to the newly created British Indian Ocean Territory.
On Diego Garcia, the old East Point Plantation area remains completely untouched since the days of the early copra plantation. Development and construction are not permitted in this area. Entrance to the plantation is restricted and a pass must be obtained from the BIOT Police Station.
Chances are they passed near Diego Garcia (at 7 degrees south), perhaps even landing, but did not establish permanent settlements. 1413 Cheng Ho, the Great Eunuch of the Ming Dynasty's Imperial Palace, sails close by. Or maybe not.
Ocean island of Diego Garcia were alerted before the destructive earthquake," wrote one internet user under the name "al-Madhri". Some Islamists, for whom the internet has become the main outlet to air their views, hailed "the annihilation of the Diego Garcia base. ...
Diego Garcia is an atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 1,600 km (1,000 mi) south off India's and Sri Lanka's southern coasts. It is the largest atoll by land area in the Chagos Archipelago. It is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), a British overseas territory.
Videos of Diego Garcia were scarce at one point. But now that the video giants (YouTube, Vimeo, and others) are second nature to the new Generation I, the internet is being inundated with videos of everything.
British Indian Ocean Territory Diego Garcia has been used for illegal rendition and detention of prisoners including Mohammed Saad Iqbal Madni and Mustafa Setmarian Naser. Suspicions were first raised by an open letter on to Prime Minister Tony Blair on 28 December 2002, when Human Rights Watch suggested that U.S.
Diego Garcia is the largest island in the British Indian Ocean Territory, a British overseas territory.
On the small, remote island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean halfway between Africa and Indonesia, the United States has one of the most secretive military bases in the world. From its position almost 10,000 miles closer to the Persian Gulf than the east coast of the United States, this huge U.S.
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Diego Garcia The indigenous population of Diego Garcia was considered expendable by the Power Elite who routinely seize prime real estate, either for resources or location - inhabited or not. Dispassionate depopulation and genocidal slaughter are standard procedures.