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Facts about Basse-Terre

Basse-Terre is the capital city of Guadeloupe, an overseas region and department of France located in the Lesser Antilles. The city of Basse-Terre is located on Basse-Terre Island, the western-half of Guadeloupe.
Guadeloupe Basse-Terre Places of interest map-fr.svg Map of places of interest in Basse-Terre, the western part of Guadeloupe, a French archipelago in the Antilles. Geography Caribbean - Basse Terre.
Dictionary: Basse-Terre (băs-târ', bäs-) pronunciation Home > Library > Travel > Dictionary - Places The capital of the French overseas department of Guadeloupe, on the southern end of Basse-Terre Island in the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. Population: 11,400.
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Basse-Terre, on the southwest coast. Basse-Terre is mountainous and volcanic, although the east coast is somewhat flatter than the rest of the island. It receives more precipitation than Grande-Terre, and vegetation is lush.
Basse-Terre has a city population of about 12 000 inhabitants, 45 000 live in its urban area. Official language is French (99%), most locals also speak Creole language.
Basse-Terre has a population of about 175,000 and is one of the favorite getaway destination in the Caribbean. Basse-Terre is the administrative capital of Guadeloupe. Due to its altitude, it is cooler and also receives more rain than Grande-Terre, its highest point being La Soufrière.
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Basse-Terre is the name of the western of the two largest islands of Guadeloupe. Its population at the 1999 census was 172,693 inhabitants living in 16 communes.
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Basse-Terre was Guadeloupe’s commercial hub until the late 18th century, when it was eclipsed by the town of Pointe-à-Pitre on adjoining Grande-Terre island. The port of the town was destroyed by hurricanes in 1979, which was a serious blow to the efforts to expand and modernize the economy.
Basse-Terre is a port that ships the products of the surrounding agricultural area. Founded by the French in 1643, it retains its French colonial atmosphere, but its commercial prosperity passed to Pointe-à-Pitre in the late 18th cent.
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