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Baghdad is located in Iraq Baghdad Coordinates: 33°20′00″N 44°26′00″E / 33.3333333°N 44.4333333°E / 33.3333333; 44.
* Baghdadis Resent Park Encampments Capital's residents say coalition occupation of their parks means they can't escape stress of everyday life. By Awadh al-Tae'e in Baghdad (ICR No.
100 Stories on Baghdad Search this topic Suicide car bomb kills 4, wounds 13 in Baghdad A suicide car bomb attack, targeting a police station in southwest Baghdad, killed four people and wounded 13 others on Sunday, police said.
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Governorate of Baghdad in relation to the other governorates of Iraq Coordinates: 33°20′N 44°26′E / 33.333°N 44.433°E / 33.333; 44.433 Country Iraq Capital Baghdad Area - Total 4,071 km2 (1,571.
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central Baghdad where US occupation authorities live and work. The Green Zone in the central city includes the main palaces of former President Saddam Hussein. The area houses the civilian ruling authority run by the Americans and British and the offices of major US consulting companies.
about 16 km (10 miles) west of downtown Baghdad in the Baghdad Governorate. It was the home base for Iraq's national airline, Iraqi Airways. Contents - * 1 History * 1.
The location of Baghdad within Iraq.The location of Baghdad within Iraq.
Baghdad is also known as Bagdad Baghdad is the capital of Iraq The native name of Iraq is Al Iraq Current Time woensdag, 9 juni 2010, 20:25:40 Show clock in pop-up window or full-screen window Free Baghdad clock for your website
From Baghdad Museum, a tradtional hammam (bath) for women. Baghdad, Iraq (photo 2001). Art festival in the Saddam Art Centre, with the exhibition of an artist that may not enjoy equal success now as in those days. Baghdad, Iraq (photo 2001). Permanent tivoli next to the Martyr's Memorial Monument. Baghdad, Iraq (photo 2001).
* 30 dead in Baghdad bomb blasts, hundreds of people injured 5 * 54 killed by suicide bomber at Musayyib gas station A * AP Probe suggests Bolton manipulated Iraq inspections to favor War * Abductors of American journalist
BAGHDAD - The Atlas film theatre in central Baghdad is a shadow of its former self - its red seats are badly torn and white neon lights flicker constantly, stopping only when a power cut turns them...
* On November 5, citizens in Baghdad celebrate the court’s ruling of the death sentence for former … On November 5, citizens in Baghdad celebrate the court’s ruling of the death sentence for former … * * *
Iraq's other industries are in Baghdad, such as the making of carpets, leather, textiles, cement, and tobacco products and the distilling of arrack, a liquor. Military industries are also located there. Baghdad has several museums, numerous archaeological sites, and three universities, the largest of which is the Univ. of Baghdad (1958).
In Iraq, all roads lead to the capital Baghdad, the City of the Caliphs and birthplace of Sinbad, the famous sailor and prosperous merchant. A city with a glorious past and a magnificent present. Baghdad indeed, reflects the most unusual country that frames it.
Baghdad in the 1970s Baghdad in the 1970s Baghdad in 1932 Baghdad in 1932 Suq al-Ghazel (The Yarn Bazaar) Minaret in Baghdad, Mesopotamia (Iraq).
A customer takes his purchased block of ice at an ice producing factory in the impoverished Sadr City, as Iraqis clamour to buy ice blocks for their fridges switched off due to power cuts in Baghdad on June 9, 2010. With temperatures reaching the high...
First Baghdad-London flight in 20 years arrives The first commercial flight between Baghdad and London in 20 years has touched down at the British capital`s Gatwick airport after being delayed by the Iceland volcano ash cloud, the airport said.
Baghdad is the capital of Iraq, it is also the largest city in the country.