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Asmara is located in Eritrea Asmara Map of Asmara in Eritrea Coordinates: 15°20′N 38°56′E / 15.333°N 38.933°E / 15.333; 38.
of Asmara - by groups of Italian colonists, who moved there from the beginning of the XX century.
On March 8, Embassy Asmara Public Diplomacy section hosted an International Women’s Day celebration in partnership with 6 prominent local artists and 18 high school student performers.
Asmara is the largest city and capital of Eritrea.
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Formerly a hamlet of the Tigre people, Asmara became the capital of the Italian colony of Eritrea in 1900. It was under British control from 1941 until Eritrea's federation with Ethiopia in 1952 and became the capital of independent Eritrea in 1993. It is an agricultural marketplace.
Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, is a great city. It is Africa’s hidden treasure with all its “Art deco” structures. . The name Asmara emanates from the noble deeds of four women. According to an unwritten history there were four brothers in Asmara, a small village, during its early establishment.
were four clans living in the Asmara area on the Kebessa Plateau: the Gheza Gurtom, the Gheza Shelele, the Gheza Serenser and Gheza Asmae. Encouraged by their women, the men united the four clans and defeated the bandits who preyed on the area.
Domaine Asmara Vineyard is located in the heart of the Heathcote wine region. The terroir consists of Red Cambrian soils, which were formed some 500 million years ago and are ideally suited to grow fruit of exceptional quality.
Meles heading for Asmara? – ION - June 8th, 2010 | | 4 Comments The Indian Ocean Newsletter (ION), whose sources include French intelligence officials, has just published an analysis of what is next for the Meles regime in Ethiopia.
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Asmara, Ethiopia (Airport)Updated: 6:00 PM EAT on April 16, 2010This station is not reporting! Mostly Cloudy 25 °C Mostly Cloudy Humidity: 15% Dew Point: 3 °C Wind: 18 km/h / from